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Congratulations to the EHS Senior Cheerleading squad! Parent and students, please select your favorite photo to be utilized for the senior banners. Note: All senior banners (football players, cheerleaders and band members) will utilize a standard banner background (to be selected by the printer), so just pick your favorite photo, but don't worry about the current background pictured here. Beyond the banners, these files will remain accessible to all parents and students, who may wish to download digital copies or order prints from the online store.
To select your favorite image for the banners, please view on a computer and hover your mouse over the image. Record the number that will appear in the upper right corner of the photo. Then email your preferred photo with the proper first and last name that is associated with the image. (Final banner design may only utilize the first name, but please provide first and last names regardless). Email your selection and names to Sean O'Brien at [email protected] no later than Monday, August 15th. Thank you!!